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History of This Exploding Whale.wmv

History Series with a Back Beat by Larry Caveney
The make-shift quality defines that odd entry point of interpretation; going fancier (blue screen, props) would suspend the viewers belief and not give it a sense of how it was put together. Believe it or not, the research has to be limited on the actor's part. I have them pick someone in history that, they feel, they need to defend; and therefore be that one historical person. The script is the actor recollecting the best they can, (another odd point of interpretation) in terms of their knowledge of the historical one, and their situation in history. The hip-hop back beat is a major part of the intentional, deconstruction and repeating of certain segments of the video. The repeating of dialogue (deconstruction) supports the rhythms of the back beat. Underscoring of the musical rhythm by repetition of certain phrases had this strange way of both disassociating from the narrative and experiencing a sense of urgency, maybe even desperation. Of course, the use of dynamite to blow up the whale has a certain humor to it, but what struck me is the fact that no one had a better idea for removing the rotting carcass from the beach. As they say, success has a thousand fathers, while failure is an orphan. The pathos of the spot comes, for me, from the fact that a virtual world renders all of us inhabitants of a small town. Our individual mistakes, mundaneness, triumphs become eternal fodder for perusal, speculation, and gossip. What used to be local property is now global property.
Do you have any you would like to defend? If so, look into the camera and be that one, and send it to me.

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