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Vincent van Gogh- Wheat Field with Cypresses

Oil on canvas
73 x 93.4 cm

Francesco Dacres
I love this, truly is a masterpiece..

Heather Wimer
The colours are so incredible in this

Brian Gage

Abdul-Rashid Khalil Rahal
I love the colours and strokes.

Chan Hsiao
I'm a die-hard Van Gogh fan.

Renea Schroedel
Loving the brush strokes

Noelle Trépanier
Thought the Van Gogh exhibition at the RA was spectacular

Matthew Whitener
Amazing artwork. Love all his work.

I studied this, Vincent Van Gogh really loved nature's movements

julie menelaou
after reading through Van Gogh letters to Theo, you can truely depict the mood he was portraying so well.

Sajjad Khan
wonderful paintng.

Nancy LeBrun
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Sherry Solow
there is not one painting of Vincent Van Gogh THAT I DO NOT ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!

Silpa S. Viswanath
This is why I love him...

I love this painting too,I studied this artist very closely.An impressionist painter whom had a unique technique of creating movement in nature, giving life to the landscape, a romantic person whom saw so much in everything he admired.

Raluca Adriana
Why Van Gogh is so deeply piercing into our souls every single time?

A Arfeen Azeemi
I love the colours and strokes.

Ishrat Jahan Tithy
just like him.......i m a fan of his work.....:D

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