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Photography-find a tree nearby where I live today..with a heart on..wonder who have made this one once upon a time..2 lovers for sure-

BO Olsen
I love this, very cool, wish I found it !!!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Thanks Bo!!!I walked in the forrest and there it was!!!Found it real cool even I!!!Happy that you liked it!!

Maxine Cameron
Hi Sonja, thank you for all your wonderful comments on my work. I just love this album of your work. you find the magical element and open a door way to the personality of your subject. we can feel the tree. wonderful.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Hi Maxine!!!!!!Nice "meeting"you!!!I do things on my own..don`t copying what others do.I am.a person who do love the natures beauty--we ares surronded by..even it`s just "a tree........but this tree was very special!Not everyday you stumbled over such kind of tree!!!Took a ittle strawl that day day in the forrest nearby---and there it stood right infront of of me..maybe some ore someone--wanted me to find I could take a photo...I don`t know...."much between heaven and earth."..that are unexcpalained".I do belive in spirits..I am kind of some some persons...But they I have got to knew here where I live today--they just say:Never met a person like you..maybe? they`are right...I am no "angel-".even I have been called that....have helped many trough mnay years..serving soup outside the church on a real cold day.finding a place for the homeless ones..but very essential to give a hugh smile and talk with those person doesn`t cost a penny--to smile--given some new hopes!Have allways been a "helper"..and I do got my faith...but I never going to some saint...doesn`t matter--as long I know I have helped many needed ones.powerty even in this country..most of them are from other countries--looking at for a job.searching for some happines..I do not own a fortune--but are fortune enough to help humans that are suffering...I dodn`t live in Oslo anymore..My mission is complated.more or I just helping kids in other countries-with money-like Tsao Pema School in Nepal...Dalai Lama have helped that school for many years..I love supportingan organitzation; "Doctors Without Boardes"they do a real great job!....Lived in the valley(Setesdalen).for more than 26 years..I had children in fostercare too..many great memories from that see.(my husband worked.then)I was home with kids.and dogs--and much to do when you got a house..a property to take care of.chopping wood--to make us warn trough rough winters.learnig how to haunt too--with rifle--we had to get some meat in the frezzer..meat of moose--rabbits.and other meat I did bought(lamb..pig..hens).and we grow vegitables in my own garden..summertime..while the kids were small--they love to help me--to put potetoes into the field..and when it was time to get those up from the earth again--in autumn..the were so happy!--just 1 potet had turned into many..!!and they picked and picked..buckets filled with many wonderful new potetoes..and they did taste "heavenly"-kids say it there were small at that time-we had salat..tomatoes-leeks-onions..parsley.turnips and cabbage .and much other vegiatables -some of it.was cut up.and put into the freezer.having trough the wintetime.../.our springsalad..tasted so great-that many comed to visit our vegitable "garden)and they was happy to get much salad for free.and onions and leeks and parlsley.gressløk(cheeves-.and didn`t want to get some money for it..we couldn`t have magage to eat all up yu see Maxine--letting children grow up in among trees..wild animals--akes-and mountains. . nearby there was a river (Otra)we were allowed to fish small trouts--(by they who owned parst of this river"Otra"-the farmers wanted payment..but we fished for free!Happy we were!My husband made a boat..not a yacht call it"pram") a wooden boat--the booton on this kind of boat are flat..but it`s safe ..freshly cought fish.. tasts real great -afterwards up in the pan--some butter--potetoes--and salad..nice dinner!Kids were fishing there a lot..they come home steadly with trouts.this river .just 15 minutes with bicycles--so we we were in great shape all of us..needed no training center then.....and not forget all the dogs we had!All the running in the woods..oh my--hugh dogs needs lots of excerise.:and us human too!..all timber/lumber we needed ..used chainsaw..and then all the cutting .for firewood..oh my..I had great muscles then .lol..belive me!Hard work--but great memories.from when the kids were small......a little story from the valley..Many hugs from just me--who still love the naure and not forget all the trees!Love humans too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wishing you a real lovely day Maxine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Many spelling faults here Maxine.uuups!.I don`t use this translater on my hopefully you are able to read .. understand some of this story.......;))

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Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
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