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John Singer Sargent - The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

Oil on canvas
221.9 × 222.6 cm

Heidi Nagel
Beautifully painted

Michel Ladrak
I love Sargent. Nobody captures the bold mood of this era as he does. His portraits are really expressive.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pinta el distanciamiento. Es verdad, En esta obra los personajes parecen muñecos de cera.
Excelentes obras.

Gerhardt Meintjes Meintjes
if you go to the MFA in Boston, where the painting hangs, the original vases are in front of the work on the floor..

Dasha Shapovalova
saw his works in Florence in the end of June, there was a marvellous exhibition 'Amercians in Florence'

Judy Adwell Oliveira
The children look so natural in the painting, they look more like they are in a photograph then a painting.

Sargent executed this piece with restraint, he employed a smoother, cleaner, manner of paint application. The work, is obviously a homage to Velazques' "Las Meninas", a painting Sargent copied and later used as inspiration. However, unlike "Las Meninas", where the subjects interact, in this work, the arrangement and placement of the subjects impose distance and convey a feeling of disconnection. Even in the background coupling, the girls are physically close but disengaged. The overall lighting of the space enhances this disconnection; although subdued, it is strong on the subjects - each one appears to be lighted independently. The viewer's eyes must move from one to another as they attempt to take in the whole, ultimately, the central figure grounds the painting and emerges as the centerpiece. As in "Las Meninas", where the Infanta Margarita takes center stage, the child on the floor pulls the viewer in.

Richard Adams
An exquisite work!

Side Effect
Stunning Art... :)

Skin Clinic
Nice art!

Enrique Carratalá
Me encanta Sargent. Me hace querer participar de la escena, estar ahí, con esas luces tenues de interior, sentado en un rincón de esas bellas estancias.

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