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Kasper Kovitz - Carnalitos (Unamuno)

Carnalitos (Unamuno)

Jazmine Bahri
A bizarre sculpture, there’s a definite rawness and angst here.

Trương Quốc Hát
Reminiscent of tribal art forms, but made of, erm, ham!

Jamie Hoerr
Mmm appetising!

Nicolas Alexandre
Quiet Strange no??? but i like!..

Christine Daae II

FORMACOLOR artistic creator
very hard but so expressionist and expressive !!!
(artistic creator)

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Es dificil este equilibrio.
Asi esta el ser humano?
Muy buena.

Rita Lemesre
cholestero::::Bad feeding::::: death :::: Next a living skelton::: so much behind this work !!!!

paula bettam
strange but i like it xx

Drager Meurtant
getting normal now, to see foodware as art. Last week, however, came at the butcher and he sold paintings as digestives

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