Books and Art: The Children’s Dance Recital at the Casino de...

Books and Art: The Children’s Dance Recital at the Casino de...

The Children’s Dance Recital at the Casino de Dieppe. Victor Gabriel Gilbert (French, 1847-1933). Oil on canvas.
Gilbert’s early career was preoccupied by Realist themes, scenes of daily life, but as the Impressionists had made their mark and La...

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Just loved this paint..since I don`t have any photos from my time as a dancer. (from 7-10).was dressed up like a little princess--.dancing in some ballroom-----brings me back to old days....with lots of sweet lovely memories...(this girlwith long culry hair.. in a real beutiful white dress with pink silk ribbons on her waist..--hmm that really did looked like me!!!true!!!!!!!!!so pitty --all I got back is memories from such balls..My mum wasn`t there-- she was allways grandma was on some vacation stepefather didn `t bother .one neighbor took some photos--I recall!!But as an adult beagn to collect photos from my childhood---I find out that those who took photos.-was passed away..dead--gone--difficult to call soemone in heaven..--asking;Do you still got pictures form this Ball--??Have asked their children.but they got rid off all pictures--that wasn`t some of their own--and of humans they didn`t me!pitty!,but but..noone can take away..memories like this--from my me ..its

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Mary Guimaraes
Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink

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