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Memory Lane.OLD "MOI"-or more correct:.Giggleling moi..selfie taken 2014-

When you come home from the hairdresser-so hot that day--+35! so I just ripped of my dress I weared--and shoes with some higher heels-and get rid off all .got a place at my entrance.lovely to sit there--some cooler--one of my neighbors told me a stupid joke-couldn`tunderstand the point!"maybe my intellegence was gone caused this heat..So.that`s why I sat there and laughing.long after..but please don`t pay attentions to my feets..I do got artheritis and lots of syndroms--whole me is a kind of syndrom soon..but had polished those nails that day--Bu I am real grateful for one heart beats still--and I am still able to walk..but hate the medications my doctor have told me to take..cortisone tablets--is yekk--!But if I am luckyI will live until I am 102--my grandma(one of them)--she passed away few years back..her memory wasn`t great..but still walked on her 2 feets!was a pritty cool nice sweet woman..but feeling like an old car somethimes--but not ready for the scrap yard yet...or any other yards..

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Hope you all smiled a bit....that`s was one of my intentions!!!!!!!!!!

The "personification" of the happy moment...!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Thanks Apollo for kind words..I am who I personality-think I am born with it..or?!I am No "fashion girl--not at all..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don`t take myself so serious--I am not selfish either!!Wishing you a real wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro Abreu pabreuart
Beautiful picture!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Hi Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!!long time see....thought you had dissapeared for good!!!!!really have mised you!true!!Thank so much for real nice comment--comlpiments really needed sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am maybe old--but have not forget to laugh yet..even my memory isn`t like it use to I do forget where I put my mobil or my keys..or...!! we so are some forgetful once in a while-somethimes- but; .my brain works fine!98%hopefully..have measured it..don`t need too..knowing i did had an IQ at 130 once!!..30 years ago.such tests are just so stupido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!even blondes got brains!!!I am not some hen..chicken. or whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!chicken..hmm.. sounds some sid!lWishing you a real great sunday!!!!Lots of loves from Sonja--(give your mate a hug from me ..would you??Hope he is ok----Kiss Kiss.from just "moi".....

Pedro Abreu pabreuart
Hey Sonja, it's been a while. Just had too many things that were happening in my life far from the Internet, that I just had to get off for a moment. My son got married, my daughter is getting married soon, It was getting too much for me.
I see you are happy in your garden chair enjoying your new place and having fun! you deserve it it!!! It shows you are a happy person.
Had a great weekend with friends and playing music in a studio. Wishing you all the best.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Thanks Pedro!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nice to get some words from you!!!I am not moved yet Pedro!.Next year-2017!!!....You must be stressed out!!!Congrats with all the weddings!!wow.....wishing you a real great new week..hopeful with some freetime!!;)!

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