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Time for my sunflower--to say thanks for this wonderful summer..seems a bit sad or what?Got just this one--pitty I didn`t took some photo while it shines as the sun..but but..

Artist: Sonja E.S.Borchgrevink

Margery Kelz
Wishing you sunshine and happiness today and every day that follows!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Thanks for real wonderful words dearest Margery!You are such a sweetheart!!May the sun shine on you until the end of world!!Lots of hugs sendt by my angels across the Atlantich Ocean--long way..I know..but think they know how to find you!!!You are not just like some sunshineflower..daffodilies....I feel just so great everytime you answer ..making must be a very nice do bring sunshine into my strange..have never met a "digitale" person like you many reasons why I do appreciate you so much.....knowing..if someone else here read this..they do for sure thinking:This Sonja--she must be real weird..I am not..just different..have alwways been this way..I am an ordinary human made of flesh of blood...have never had so many friends trough my life..but have come to 1 conclution:Better with just 1..than none----even it is just online..digitale-------so Margery----you have brought sunshine into my life for sure---there are few others here that I do like-but that`s my secret...

Sonja nice to hear you!! Beautiful photo

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Thanks Zeynep!!Have missed you too!!!!!!!!Thanks for nice comment..really appreciated!I have had difficulties with this website..(Since 15th July---).....Nothing wrong with my computers----have sendt e-mails to wise answers I am just sooo happy those times this website works for me...I "am kicked out "after few seconds somthimes...making me sooo annoyed!Wishing you a real lovely weekend dearest Zeyenep!!!!Lots of hugs sendt all the way to Turkey!!

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Margery Kelz

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