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Tom Hunter - Woman Reading Possession Order


Tamara Lynch
Heartbreaking photograph.

Macie Miernicki
Seems peaceful and chaotic at the same time.

Amanda Neerman
Vermeer photography

george parkinson

Kevin Humphreys
Poor girl, should be helped.

Bob Bello
So great and so actual!

jery haworth Gerald L.
Always like a good photo

Samuel Dyer
Reminds me of Vermeer, but tragic.

Hidemi Tada
love this very much. i wish i could have a permission of you to paint this.

Hidemi Tada
love this very much. i wish i could have a permission of you to paint this.

Graham Watson
This is such a moving photograph. So much pathos.

jery haworth Gerald L.
The clarity of this photo has seduced the eye of many of us, I included. It contains mystery. Who of us knows what is being read. The child, the only pure connection for us, reaches out. The beautiful woman seems forlorn. Her room, empty. What is being taken possession of? The child, the room. I am left perplexed...glh

Graham Watson
Inspired by "Woman in Blue Reading a Letter" by Johannes Vermeer perhaps? And bringing it up to date?

Birgül Özçelikci Taşören
interior of a woman and a child. Gloom and loneliness.

Simon Scheuerle
If this photo were re-titled 'Woman receiving Readers Digest offer.' would it still work?

Simon Scheuerle
@ Azzi ;)

Samuel Dyer
could this be contrived?

jery haworth Gerald L.
When Photography attempts art and succeeds, can it lie? As a painter, I cannot lie. What is the truth...glh

Samuel Dyer
I think when it loses some truth in it's manipulation.

Samuel Dyer
I think with this subject though its presenting a reality thats more brutal, harsh, than that portrayed. This reality is being judged as beautiful, sad etc. It's the artists view of this subject, it's almost Magazine like in it's interpretation

Ivan Konar
the second after, no second before...

Netartist EU
The sublime moment of dignity

Quratulain shahzad
i can't look the impression on her face ......... she lookd so helpless

Samuel Dyer
This does not look tragic, it is too romanticised. It detracts from the real issues of homelessness. Eviction is not pretty colours and beautiful light. But brutal and unrealistic.

warick hearn
A modern day take of an old painting...I would love to see this photo made into a painting.

Tim Davies
Beautiful in that it as lit to look like a Vermeer painting, presumably intentionally.

zeyad tariq Alataeiqi
Hahahahahah very beautiful, especially her independence in return for the work of Johannes Vermeer, did well.

Patrick Yay
the artist has touched your heart. brilliantly achieved his aim. I have been trying like him.

Paul Whiteley
Very strong image

Vendel Veilandics Read
As said above, V ermeer; that´s what I felt. Absolutely beautiful.

Maycey Coliat
Humane distraught ._.

Roman Mirkogi
I shared and I liked it!

Greg towning
A powerful image, its is a beautiful photograph and yet at the same time a very difficult one too.

Sokv Riz Khan khan
This is awesome piece of work.

Diego Araújo
it's the silence that precedes the ruin

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El gran tema de la luz esta en esta pagina.
Que bueno es hacer arte comparado!
Los felicito a los que hicieron estas paginas!
Demuestran saber muchisimo de arte.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Esta obra de Tom recuerda a Mujer leyendo una carta de Vermeer.
Excelente obra.

Jeremy Bunda
The style of this painting is very reminiscent to Vermeer, I almost thought this was by him.

george parkinson
i have been there, whether eviction,the threat of having your children seized by the state or loss of a loved one,it amounts to the same,devastation.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
En Verameer la luz siempre entra por una ventana situada a nuestra izquierda.

Delma Donasco-Molina
a letter of husband.

Lothar Seifert
Very great

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