Mary Corse: Untitled (Space + Electric Light)

Mary Corse: Untitled (Space + Electric Light)


Abstract Expressionism
what is this? is modern art become a piece of trash nowadays? or the trash pieces of trash from the late artists’ trash cans? because you were missed to buy/get the good ones from those famous artists decades/centuries ago and now you are exhibiting the Altamonte piece of nothing. if you call this as a sign of modern art, you should be sorry for your self. so, in the next century or so, modern art will be no more than a real piece of shit.

there are tons of excellent, phenomenal and masterpieces of modern arts need to be displayed but you and the other blind art Emperors don't give them a chance and trash their applications because they are still alive or searching for the pockets of silence.

Abstract Expressionism
I don't know, when the stupid arts expire?
It is just killing me seeing it. I know the Museum and art galleries are making them happen intentionally. But they always live based on the good arts. I mean realism or the conceptual arts. Well. You will get the chance to exhibit your pieces if you follow their footsteps. Otherwise, don’t waste your valuable time and money submitting applications. I summited more than 100s but got responded 0. Because mine was not stupid enough yet.

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