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Up Above the Yellow Mountain by *GraceYinPingLung

Up Above the Yellow Mountain
by *GraceYinPingLung
Traditional Art / Mixed Media / Abstract ©2012 *GraceYinPingLung
I was reading a book called "50 Amazing Places in China". The book page 98 , the picture reminds me of the Yellow Mountain. Legend has it that the Yellow Mountain once tried to distill the Elixir of Life on this magnificent mountain, it is one of the places with a panoramic view. the actual mountain itself is noted for its forest, lakes, waterfall, streams, peaks, hotsprings and its "seas of clouds". so i thought i should bring this memory in to my art piece. I remember very well how the light shines on the mountain, it creates an illusion that the mountain was in gold glittering color, but that was in such a short time glow, so this is how i want to portray that moments of excitement in this piece.

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