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Digital Collage

Deborah Ann Norton
I don 't know this one - Cubism again .To me just personally it , like the trains ,has lots of energy but in comparison it is 'dark , sharp and cold ' . I like the application of paint .I'd like to know more but I don't see who the artist is

Patrick Yay
Deby, Yes it looks like Cubism. It is Digital Collage. If I amy comment. It is sometime hard to say what syle /Ism is it? It can be ubism like what you said, Orphism, Concrete Art or even Constructionism. The best thing is ask the artist what style do you paint in this art work. Either digital or what ever. Some time artists do nt even know what did he do particularly in China. I have asked many artists. They canonkly say I paint oil, I paint landscape, I paint portrait etc. They can not tell what style or what Ism.. What important for them is to sell. I called it commercial art to please the buyers and sell what ever it is easy to sell in the market. Here we are talking of the style, quality and colour, perspective etc; the real art language. China does not have art language like here..
This artist superimpose the digital images from different scenes not his own original creation. Yes it is quite legitimate as long as you have a very good idea of how to copy the nature. I argue with Bala Giacommo that you will never find an original artist as we end up copying Nature. ( read my philosohpy in my profile.) I like the way he uses the images and the black, white and grey colours, with changing tones. He cleverly superimposed the images from different photographs. He gave me some idewa for my works not to copy exactly just the idea I will use it. Can you see what I get. All the paintings in my colection on this site are not just I like them but also to study again and think learn or avaoid the mistakes by the other artists even from Grand Masters. Many grand masters made mistakes and unfinished particularly Leo Nardo. So he left many unfinished ones. Have you seen them,??

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