Gino Severini - Red cross train passing a village - 1915

Gino Severini - Red cross train passing a village - 1915


Deborah Ann Norton
I can see now why the David Hockney works on my page interested you ! Am I right in thinking that the relationship of coulrs is what attracts you - you seem to admire Cubism ! I just love the two interpretations of trains here , there's so much speed and energy in the shapes .I'm glad you posted them as it's been a while since I first saw them .

Patrick Yay
Dear Deby, Thank you for taking time and responding my comment on Futurism of Severini.
If I may discuss with you openly you are partly right that the high intensity colours of David Hockney paintings attracted me not as such a good painting ( I have met his contemporaries from Yorkshire but not himself yet; he lie in LA any way, Lucien refused to meet me when I attempted to meet him at hs house--"dealers control". I don't even know what ism he painted in this one. Is it Expressionism or Impressionism or even Fauvism. All famous artists changed their style in time; even I am not famous like Hockney and Lucian Freud ( they are contemporary) in times I have changed from Impressionism to Futuristic Symbolism or Abstract Expressionism although my Impressionism works are sold all the time.
I am not really an admirer of Cubism like most of the people thought ( at many of my exhibitions) Cubism depicted cubic style. My triangles are two dimensions not in Cube. Even if I paint in three dimensions I did not intend to imitate Cubism of Picasso and Braque. The triangles are symbolism of Buddhist Philosophy but there is futurist ideas of movement and expression of future if you can find it. May be political Futurism but mine is religious Futurism, not like Chinese economical Futurist. Artistic Futurism had died since after First World War you know that.

You are the first one I met who knows Futurism well. In art colleges and trainings many people painted moving objects without knowing the Futurism clearly (like dancers, birds , planes etc). Yes at the end of the day “The movement and light destroy the substance of the object". You can see in photography of dancers and sports. I am not painting an object in my abstract. I am painting the philosophy in symbolitic way, but symbolically there is imaginary object. Critics and intellects like you may not accept my nomenclature of my conceptual art but I call it myself as "Futuristic Symbolism". Please read my profile till the end.
I do not understand what do you mean by " I am glad you posted them---" does it mean my comment or my philosophy and explanation of my art works. When I did my first one-man show in China I had to explain the meaning of my art works as they have never heard of Futurism nor Symbolism although they are all the time painting Symbolism, and they have never heard of Monet, William Blake, Constable etc. They paint and copy like what Bala Giacommo said “Mere imitations of mere imitations" but they( Beijing artists) criticised me heavily that I am just a contemporary artist copying the other. I admitted for my Impressionism. Well too long now. If you wish to continue to discuss this subject please write to me at my email, unfortunately my Web is broken at the moment because somebody hacked it. Thanks

I liked what you had to say about Lucien Freud.

Patrick Yay
Hidium, Which one you meant about Lucian Freud??

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