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Hermann Nitsch - Splatter Painting

Splatter Painting

Daisy Boles
So beautiful!

Brenda Spiegal
Never really thought much of these.

Jan Bacon
I love them, preferential to the skinned and mutilated lamb, or goat or something that he displayed along with its entrails in the 60s.

Klotz Emmanuel
looks like blood, no? Similar vein as what he did as an actionist

Adolfo Amateis
Even though its about dead animals like Hirst and the other bunch of Businnessartists. But this work talks of being in service of art as a way to "ricordare" (reconnect with your hart). We are only sharpened knifes in the hand of the great butcheleress

Adolfo Amateis
named Life

Alfred Gijon
Only a fortunately guy doing nosense and in bad times for talents

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