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Jason Ayzekss
Strikingly, almost at the same time as Picasso wrote his "girls Avignon" Sarian creates amazingly clean and harmony images zhenschin.

Art Angel
The worst thing is that the translation of the market conditions in the current context of art was bound to lead to the domination of the "market" and the fashionable art.

Entonine Hopkins
Ticket prices are now in Europe.

Shawnee Connery
However, the majority of revenue is still not European. Well, is that Moscow is not according to the Russian zhiruet.

Jason Ayzekss
do not kid yourself, for your nice words about the genius of Picasso's just a desire to be a fan of genius, but a genius or whether he simply draws not as all used to?

Shawnee Connery
When 5000evro engineer's salary (not the highest, by the way) - it is much cheaper than the Soviet ruble and a half for any engineered 150r.

Art Angel
And the audience at the Philharmonic and theaters, the same that in the West, in Union.

Keith Beckinsale
Everyone understands that this is temporary, and with the public all settled down, and cattle will leave the theater, and normal people will start to get normal income.
If only the art has not died in the meantime.

Keith Beckinsale
Subtly, aptly, by example, that for me the most important thing.

Jason Ayzekss
A sitting girl violently and looked scornfully at the viewer, as if to say: "What are you looking? Pay!"

Ustin Peterson
I do not understand this art ...
Never liked Picasso ....

Marina Habenskaya
Ermitazha - it is a sample of synthetic cubism - a new kind of representation in painting - think Picasso.

Marina Habenskaya
Science, art, "unfortunately" this occupation have not yet come into full harmony, otherwise everyone would be happy, all seemingly in the colors of the rainbow and a paradise.

Johnny Miller
really simple but so beautiful

Johnny Miller
really simple but so beautiful

Marina Habenskaya
i like your work

Orlandoni Bloom

Aleksey Hotin
nice artwork

Shawnee Connery
Great use of bold colours here.

Rowan Atkinson
Some of them are: the novelty of the plot, art, way of applying strokes, novelty perception of something, novelty approach to creativity, to the world at large, the image and reflection of objects, situations, relationships.

Genius Ovchinnikov

Marina Habenskaya
Beautiful & I like your style!

Genius Ovchinnikov
Love this !

Oldman Garineri
Love this !

May Bayrony
Love this !!!

Roman Mirkogi
Good collage !

Kumar Favettini

Cosmina Predachi
prohibited at Russia

Cosmina Predachi
A lot of people say he does not understand modern art.

Katerina Belni
Prohibited Art in Russia but you can watch all the early and enjoy!

Cosmina Predachi
I agree srl, to Picasso, and any artist, must be approached with a certain level of culture.

Kumar Favettini
In the world there are a lot of amazing artists who use unusual techniques in his work.

Cosmina Predachi
nice and interesting !

Sony Suresha

Peter Greenaway
Modern new art

Minnine Driver
It is such an emotional work.

Joan Collins
My favourite!

Ynna Velleto
oooo how interesting! I was the first time I see this!

Ynna Velleto
oooo how interesting! I was the first time I see this!

Art Angel
I did not think that works and paintings Russian boy so will be popular in Europe! THANK YOU ALL!

deep jnoytet
Contemporary art - this is not the carrot to please.

deep jnoytet
Thank you vystovili and uploaded on the website pictures)

deep jnoytet
Thank you vystovili and uploaded on the website pictures)

Albertoni Sordi
something new and intersnyh, fresh theme. Thank you!

Adrianoni Celentano
like technique and style

Julieta Mangsanger

Katrina Zeta
It is a miracle
bravo, bravo to you scream!

Katrina Zeta
I saw it and immediately fell in love ... There's one ENERGY COMES!

Peter Greenaway
While we look we like

May Bayrony
At last I found it!

Christian Bale
Tell us a secret - very attractive picture!

Ocio Aitor
All drawings and sketches are funny, relevant and incredibly talented!

Greer Garson
nice!!!Harsh words - often the same is not true, as soft.

Suzanne Diaz
But I still do not understand the mechanism that reach millions prices for contemporary works.

Alice Evanse
Mandatory credit go on to spread! )

rogers holdings
Beautiful work : )

Kevin Hof
I often had to write glowing reviews about the artists and their works!

Patric Kaas
But I think this is a good thing, because now we can write whatever we want.

Sokv Riz Khan khan
This is awesome piece of work.

Abstract Expressionism
All these Art Emperors live based on the death Artist’s Legacies with no doubt. While the Artist is alive, even they don't accept his/her call in any time. Please don’t give me wrong. you can test them yourselves. Mail them for a review or exhibition of your artworks, you will find your applications in a trashcan quite soon. They live in nice mansions or a House of Art with proudly call Art Galleries/Museums and the artists are suffering of poverty and struggling to pay the bills to live. Well. That kind of artist will be very lucky if he/she sells some paintings to those Emperors/Art Collectors, and they call him/her back in 5 to ten years if he/she is still alive or death. The good news will be if he/she is death to make some money but tons of money. They take your paintings and make their own stories about them and make them as an iconic painting and that is the time that their lottery matches for a jackpot. Basically, we all work for them for free. When they call their selves the Emperors, another meaning of that is the Slavery Masters. We create works of art until we are alive with no respect or appreciation and the end, they take advantage of them mercilessly. I am not venge it to discuss deeply but reality is the word of Lord. In the whole history of art, Mark Rothko was realized the exact meaning of Art Emperors which I am talking about.

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