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Lovers in Moonlight

I made this painting in December 2010 when I strongly felt that the girl I loved so much was about to get married in the coming month.

aima reen

Ivan Carmody
I strongly feel that romance in autmn, and that also in full moon, has a very different feeling, something out of this world.
Near the full moon is a shooting star.
Well, I don't know how far this is true, but there goes a saying that if you are in love and see a shooting star, make a wish, the wish will come true.

Ivan Carmody
Yes dear, you got it right. When I painted this, I was in a depressed state, as the girl I loved so much and wanted to marry, was about to marry someone else.

Ivan Carmody
At times when we are in a deep emotional state, the works we come out with have a strange effect on the whole world. Its like the mystery behind the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Truly, the Mona Lisa is sorruounded by a mystery as to who was the model? Why is she smiling? And what was the relationship between the artist and model. There are many strange emotional questions that rush through the viewers mind.

Rebecca Street
my wish is to see a shooting star as it goes...

Ivan Carmody
If you have a chance of relaxing on the balcony or garden on a summer evening, Just try to enjoy the stars above, then if you are in luck you might end up seeing a shooting star. Some years back, while I was looking up and enjoying the view of the Heavens, all of a sudden I caught sight of something strange. A shooting star which seemed to be of stange shape. Later on, in the news I found out it was the Russian Space Shuttle, the tanks had to be dropped off earlier as they had somehow ignited from the side. This move was to avert disaster. Anyway those tanks must have fallen somewhere in the Indian Ocean

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