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Georges Braque - Violin and Candlestick


Margaret Flowers
I love the tones here.

Lynne Rosenblum
I love the segmentation of the different parts.

Henry Mulcahy
great use of light and dark

Abdul-Rashid Khalil Rahal
Great work of art.

Misty Fugate
Love it.

Matthew Whitener
Really interesting to see how the objects are alluded to

Eric Munguia
Really lovely painting. I could look at it forever!

Reiner Makarowski Makarowski
very much inspiring to me

Shuja Ali
loved it

Show Me Your Art
Beautiful and so well thought out.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Su pintura es muy enigmatica. Algo se comprende al leer el capitulo de Luces y Simbras en el Tratado de la Pintura de Leonardo da Vinci.

Abstract Expressionism
very nice and great piece of art

alena line
very great piece of art and i think it is awesome

Lucio Borrazzo
Grandioso Braque...espressionismo puro....bellissimo.

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