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fashionable ban in Russia

for sale - sold sponsor

Marina Habenskaya
PR, PR and PR only. Than it correctly, the "valuable" work. :-))))

Ustin Peterson
The presented all you Karin, from my point of view, can only be a secondary part in the decoration of the interior.

Aleksey Hotin
Modern man as person of any age has the aesthetics ... it

Shawnee Connery
Now You and I,

we are part of constelatatie.

Aleksey Hotin
It is necessary to please the art (ie, something useless, you need only for aesthetics) ..

Shawnee Connery
Who told you that the lack of talent

can create art that can neither modern nor any ...

Marina Habenskaya
The biggest sinner is one who makes religion a profession.

Rita Kunegundalij
The presented all you Karin, from my point of view, can only be a secondary part in the decoration of the interior.

Marina Habenskaya
The beginning of the 2000s marked a disappointment in the possibilities of technical means for artistic practices.

Rita Kunegundalij
Some artists of the 2000s suggest that "modern art" is a tool of power "post-democratic (English)" society.

Genius Ovchinnikov
Let us learn to understand the painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Marina Habenskaya
Transition within the contemporary art to some new kind of perception - is very difficult.

Genius Ovchinnikov
Prices for contemporary art: it is impossible to understand, this is stupid.

Rita Kunegundalij
This process causes the enthusiasm of the representatives of the art system, and pessimism for artists.

Ustin Peterson
This kind of purchase - it is an element of positioning themselves, the attribute status: I am not just rich, but spiritually developed.

Tania Trepsep
wonderful paintng.

Joson Bijesha
You understand mysch, art degenerates without updating ..

Bale Cristiani
so beautiful

Tania Trepsep
Leave aside the whimsical breed "snobs.")

Katerina Belni
Ha this is brilliant!

Paul Adrian

May Bayrony

Sara Methili
Wow. So moving and emotional.

Ruslana Mirk
All that the master did great and is not subject to the comments of idiots ...

Minnine Driver
It is such an emotional work.

naina bokutchi

Beluchi Monikanena
Absinthe - bitter inspiration

Monika Silchensiani

Ynna Velleto
I liked the sketches

Albertoni Sordi
something new and intersnyh, fresh theme. Thank you!

Peter Greenaway
While we look we like

Roman Mirkogi
I shared and I liked it!

Kumar Favettini
Master of modern art works to create new masterpieces

Guinevere Seenus
in t e r e s t i n g

Christian Bale
Tell us a secret - very attractive picture!

Chris Tuckers
testament to the descendants of the artist!

Chris Tuckers
testament to the descendants of the artist!

Greer Garson
nice!!!Harsh words - often the same is not true, as soft.

Anna Falchi
like it perfect!

Amelia Cooke
very famous painting

Mark Dacascos
... own harmony. Individual style rooms striking combination of precious materials!

Patric Kaas
very famous painting

VOLLMER Stefan (Diary-isme)
what a theather about nothing .....totalt empty this pictures ...just a sensational noise about nothing

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