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The Seven Deadly Sins- Hieronymus Bosch

c. 1480
Oil on panel

Maria Martinez
Hieronymus Bosch from chapter 21 captured my eye because of his unique style. The seven deadly sins were painted in oil on panel. This painting was one of my favorite from him because of how he formatted and the context of his painting. I believe this painting was unique how he painting the seven sins in different scenarios and how he made it from into a circle. The paintings in the edges also captured my eyes. The colors he used were very bright colors. The medium oil made this artwork stand up very vibrant. I have many reasons why I picked this painting to write about and one of them is because how he painted a story for each sin. Bosch’s style was unique for me from how he painted his figures. The format from the artwork how Bosch painted I believe is God in the center makes me feel that God is watching over one.

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