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Edgar Degas- Little Dancer of Fourteen Years

1880-1, cast circa 1922
Painted bronze with muslin and silk
object: 984 x 419 x 365 mm, 31 kg (integral base included)

Ann Kasselin
The model for this sculpture was a ballet student at the Paris Opéra, where Degas often drew and painted

Brenda Spiegal
love this

Steven Mask
I love this work by Deags. So good to see him work in 3D

Howard Mason
Saw this in London and was mesmerized by its beauty and technique. You look at this and all the crap thats eats you up in this world evapourates.

Nancy LeBrun
This one is much more powerful and beautiful (and still delicate) in person - worth going to see.

isobelle pover
My favourite since I was a girl of ten, visiting the Tate Gallery with my mother every Saturday. I would walk around and around it marvelling at the shape of the posture and the texture of the tutu.

Anna Little

Ruth Yehle
I saw this neat work at the Art Institute in Chicago many years ago. Thanks Pete for "liking" it and bringing it back to my attention. I hope you put your album together soon. It was a terrific sculpture- the bronzed textiles were so special.

Cristina Maria Affonso Cristina ou Cris
Vi em SP,fiquei encantada

Adolfo Amateis
loving young girls was not such a sin at the time, thinking of Luis Carrol and Egon Shiele. Beuty has the price of being regardless of common sense and wrong or right

Teodora Stoica
Elegance, style and sophistication. Apotheotically!.

To Howard Mason - i saw this in Los Angeles and felt the same way. Nicely expressed.

Teodora Stoica
"Of all the people I know, he is the only one who is able as reflecting the reality, to represent the best spirit the contemporary sex". (Edmond de Goncourt, 1894) - Wikipedia

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pinto las tinieblas detras. La bailarina es negra, y no le habra ido muy bien en esa epoca.
La luz es la particular e ilumina el cuerpo desde el costado; puede provenir de una ventana o de una puerta.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Hay mas luz abajo, procedera de un respiradero, como escribio Leonardo?

Pedro Abreu pabreuart
Creo que es una escultura de Degas, en el Metropolitano en NY

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