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Michelangelo - Pieta


Florence Durham
I saw this at the St Peter's. The marble shines so bright!

Georgia Olvera
I expected it to be a lot larger in person.

Kevin Walsh
It is such an emotional work.

Lola Durbin
One of my favourite sculptures!

Abdul-Rashid Khalil Rahal
Wow. So moving and emotional.

Gayle Leimkuhler
Amazing work of art

Rose Norwood
stunning sculpture.

Nancy LeBrun
You do have to see this "in person." it is an incredible work.

Sam Bell
Bernini Rule 1: don't overdo the drapery.

Mălina Stanciu
His best work from my point of view!

Jonathan Wilkins
There is also a full sized replica in the cathedral in BRASILIA

Judy Adwell Oliveira
This sculpture has always pulled at my heart strings. A mother holding her dead son in her arms. How many military moms have done this. So sad even as Mary had to do with Jesus.

Shay Culligan
Real art

valentina pascagaza pulido
this is the perfect human...

Misbah Aziz
speechless to c this masterpiece

Erminio Di Camillo

Sokv Riz Khan khan
This is awesome piece of work.

Art4All by Nadia Silvestri
I cried when I saw this in person.

Gianpiero Ferraro
Michelangelo, la perfezione!

Rita Kaul
Incredible work of art

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El amor y sufrimiento maternal conviven juntos en todo corazón de madre.

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