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Edvard Munch- The Scream

Oil, tempera, and pastel on cardboard
91 cm × 73.5 cm (36 in × 28.9 in)

Ezequiel Endresen
This painting keeps on getting stolen !

Jiří Skoumal
This gives me chills

Juan Stuart
This painting is iconic, would love to see it in the flesh

Susan Cowan
The mask in the 'Scream' film was based on this

Heather Black
so very famous very few people dont know of it

Teagan Fleming
I am so interested to see what the Sotheby's auction result for this is going to be.

Abdul-Rashid Khalil Rahal
Great use of colours

Duncan Cunningham-reid
I have this picture in my bathroom,how many were made!?

Simon Scheuerle
$125 million and it's all yours.

Chel Santos
this painting gives me goosebumps

Anne G, Ljostad
NEW YORK, 2 May 2012 – Auction history was made at Sotheby’s when Edvard Munch’s iconic masterpiece The Scream sold for $119,922,500 / £73,921,284 / €91,033,826 in New York, marking a new world record for any work of art at auction. The iconic work is one of the most instantly recognizable images in both art history and popular culture, perhaps secondonly to the Mona Lisa. A group of at least eight bidders jumped into the competition, but it was a prolonged battle between two highly determined phone bidders that carried the final selling price to its historic level, after more than 12 minutes.

kayra martinez
Went to see this exhibition from Munch. His other paintings are amazing!

You can send this wonderful artpiece as an e art card for free

Tracy Sanchez
Such a "screaming classic"

Elena Pantopoulou
one of the best ever!!!!!

m lane
I don't get it...what's wrong with me?

Victoria Gonzales
Such a stunning piece. It was on the art history AP exam and I didn't have time to say EVERYTHING amazing about this piece. 30 minutes isn't enough time to fully analyze this particular Munch piece

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Es de una gran fuerza. Nunca pasará de moda.

Yan Saribbon
I really like this painting.

Interesting thing is that the sky was somewhat like that due to the eruption of a volcano. Seeing Munch paintings in a gallery really moved me.

Olga Om
I don`t like

Shay Culligan
The yawn

Gladys May Bayron
how ironic and beautiful because it expresses emotions that we cant tell

Show Me Your Art
Love the colours and the movement

Liubou Houlihan
famous for a reason. you could almost hear it. row emotion. the best

Paul Durham
Saw this picture in Oslo...

Eruption of the volcano Krakatoa linked to Munch's painting of ' The Scream'.
"An analysis of Edvard Munch's The Scream provides the precise location where Munch and his friends were walking when he saw the blood-red sky depicted in the 1893 painting, as well as an explanation of why the sky appeared to be on fire. Through Munch's journals, topographic analysis, and a connection to the eruption of Krakatoa, proof now exists that the spectacular twilight seen in one of today's most recognizable paintings was inspired by this dramatic event." - from 'Sky & Telescope Press Release, dated 12/9/03'

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pinto la lava del volcan hasta en el cielo.
Gracias a Pictify por hacerme conocer que esta obra la realizo al erupcionar un volcan.

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
In The Beginning of My Life I was disowned, rejected, disconnected from Love, but not pleasure. I knew how to get out of this Reality, this physical plane or Dimension. I would become creative with material within my reach. Assemble utility items that I could sell, trade or barter. At school I had access to tools that could help with any task or project. I started with lamps that I fashioned into miniature fireplaces, with logs that had a red light accent like flames. They were built out of used plywood, elmers glue, a few nails, and agate stones that I tumbled and polished. They had a small teak mantle inserted and a metal grate formed in welding 101. After a dozen sales at $20 each I moved up to coffee tables. I made a few dozen for $50 to $100 and moved up to Chairs & Rockers. I had an idea to copy a long back spindle chair similar to ones I had seen in a Frank Loyd Wright Building in Racine, Wisconsin. I made 8 chairs in 1 month and then acquired a job at General Electric.
I was in the 11th Grade and proficient as a Craftsman. I Enlisted in the U.S. Army and never returned to that kind of creation. I was A.W.O.L. In Europe and supported myself with Chalk Drawings of Madonna & Child outside of Cathedrals, with a brass bowl, in the bottom corner, to accept tribute, that church goers gave admirably. I can Hustle, Sell, Barter, or Trade any thing to anyone, except my Art. I deliberately blow the deal and resent frugal Patrons, resulting in a loss of friendship, and gaining a poor reputation. I think its age related. When I was young everyone was friendly and very physical with me. Older women always supported me even when their cuckolded husbands objected. Now, I'm older and untouchable. I don't even get hugs. I might create images that nobody understands, even know......undecipherable. ALOHA

Arber Asllani
the most Powerfull painting ever !!!

Ora Henderson
This painting makes me want to cry, it's so emotional!

Alexandra Epameinonda

When I first saw this work, I thought it hideous, a desperate plea for help. I avoided it for a long time, until now, I understand. It isn't the artist gone mad, the artist has depicted the World behind him, gone mad, and neglected, in his absence. To be stolen, it is desirable as a depiction by warning of human made climate, ahead of time.

To add to my earlier comment, the artist is in the throes of recognition, he knows what has happened to the world, whilst the ordinary couple behind are unaware.

Frank Briffa
That's quite a claim Arber.

Abstract Expressionism
very beautiful piece.
screen until they can hear you. otherwise there is no way to get where you want to go.
there is an another proverb, says, the mother won't give milk to her child unless he cries.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
El fuego esta detras, delante la onda y nuestroojo se encuentra en la luz.
Segun el precepto del códice.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Pinto el arco de aguas, pero algo luminosas, turbias en el centro.

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