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Jan van Eyck - Arnolfini Portrait

Oil on oak

Brian Gage
I love how detailed this painting is.

Henry Wingard
I read somewhere that the signature on the wall was supposed to be the artist's signature for this painting.

Juan Stuart
Apparently this is supposed to be a marriage portrait.

Georgia Olvera
I absolute love the chandelier!

Hugi Hilmarsson
The reflection in the mirror is so amazing!

Heather Wimer
I love this painting! It is so cool.

Nancy LeBrun
This is one of the first paintings that knocked me out as a child.

kun fang
private space of Jan Van Eyck

Miriam Pimentel
This is really special!!!!

I also like detail, the artist had patience in portraying descriptive features and textures

Riccardo Lazzari
Maybe they are not the Arnolfinis but the Van Eyck themselves. (Marco Paoli, Jan Van Eyck alla conquista della rosa, Lucca 2010)

Anita Ruttle
The Arnolfini Wedding is one of my most favourite paintings. It is so well painted by van Eyck; the subject is so romantic with a whole host of symbolic meaning. The reflection on the mirror, on the back wall, is alluding that they are not alone with the use of the colour green, on her dress, signifying fertility and the use of the colour red, in the background signifying power and importance. A truly great Northern Renaissance masterpiece!

love 2travel
On of my favorites from the National Gallery London

Hugh Mooney
Most people seem to think she is pregnant ,but she isn`t, big bellies were the ideal shape then- you see it a lot on Northern art at the time. I like the way people see such romance and charm in this type of art which real quite rude.. and humourous

Hugh Mooney
The artist is reflected in the mirror working on the painting.

Hugh Mooney
This could be one of the first and most famous post-modern ironic masterworks

Simon Scheuerle
The ultimate piss-take. Yet to be surpassed.

Amina Saeed
amazing work

Amber Leigh
I remember learning about this in art history. Learning about the detail and colors. Good memories!

de vasconcellos
have you seen this one.. live?

John Murdoch
How come the man looks like Vladamir Putin?

Yiannis Zorbas
You should see the real one in Netherlands !

Silvia Pinheiro
I love this painting!

Raluca Adriana
there is no past as long as we have these paintings! artists know how to make every moment everlasting through their works! love it!

Erminio Di Camillo

Vera Icona
details are flawless in this painting! husband's grant of legal authority of his wife is superbly displayed with symbols and cramped scenery which brings certain uneasiness.

Abstract Expressionism
very nice painting

Caroline Marie Rafaelle Van Hulle
Still my "Master" ...

Lucio Borrazzo
Arte Cubica, bello.

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