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Gustav Klimt - Wasserschlangen

Mixing technique, gold on vellum
50 x 20 cm

Birgül Özçelikci Taşören
mükemmel bir çalışma...

wow lovely

Tessier Christine
Great masterpiece of Klimt!

Abstract Expressionism
exclusively wonderful piece with much more details. very very phenomenal

Abstract Expressionism
All these Art Emperors live based on the death Artist’s Legacies with no doubt. While the Artist is alive, even they don't accept his/her call in any time. Please don’t give me wrong. you can test them yourselves. Mail them for a review or exhibition of your artworks, you will find your applications in a trashcan quite soon. They live in nice mansions or a House of Art with proudly call Art Galleries/Museums and the artists are suffering of poverty and struggling to pay the bills to live. Well. That kind of artist will be very lucky if he/she sells some paintings to those Emperors/Art Collectors, and they call him/her back in 5 to ten years if he/she is still alive or death. The good news will be if he/she is death to make some money but tons of money. They take your paintings and make their own stories about them and make them as an iconic painting and that is the time that their lottery matches for a jackpot. Basically, we all work for them for free. When they call their selves the Emperors, another meaning of that is the Slavery Masters. We create works of art until we are alive with no respect or appreciation and the end, they take advantage of them mercilessly. I am not venge it to discuss deeply but reality is the word of Lord. In the whole history of art, Mark Rothko was realized the exact meaning of Art Emperors which I am talking about.

Rodica Miller
Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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