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Martin Parr- Common Sense 1995-1999 (Woman in Blue Googles)

C-type photograph
102 x 152 cm

Donna Miller
Saw an exhibiton of his at the TEA building in East London, was real good

Eva Moncrief
Ergh, this is ghastly !

Rita Lemesre
its common sence to know if one stands at edge of cliff one could fall ,!!! never take anything for granted ! truley common sense::::: static form static attitude static taste format ::::sterio type::::::: :::::when let loose :::unpredictable :::::: an artistic attitude is:::::: nothing matches : colours emerge into each other ::complementary ::::Imagine this picture is in negative colours xrayed result would be :::: ? dont know what c_type photography mean ?:this attitude is also hard looks ::: can be very proud of oneself too::caus they belive there the best ::: :But who r they for real!!!

Rita Lemesre
very daring and have sence of power!!! This picture speaks::::: of so much :common knowledge::::Hardness prob in the past worked day night in a factory::: its about machines:::: i can see a black dots for her eyes !!!! under googles we build the machines :::: robots ::::creams to keep young and yet want the tan :::: red lipstick wanting to be kissed:::: now i see what makes this picture:::::: horrible::::: Of course this is were the creativity :: behind is:::: the build up of colours in same values:and cant break loose
this was not unconditionaley done :Conditioned perfect result::::

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