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"album de familie" - radacinile arborelui genealogic al familiei
sale, fara de care autorul si urmasii urmasilor lui, ar fi morti daca
nu ar uda copacul, care îi hraneste cu seva vietii nemuritoare:
- imaginea fecioarei cu pruncul la loc de onoare - relatia artistului cu divinitatea, relatie prioritara si vitala, mostenita prin
educatie dintr-o familie cu principii si reguli morale, sanatoase;
- poza foarte veche, bine conservata - o amintirea vie, draga pentru fiinta din familie, care a daruit minunata statuie si care
el sau ea supravietuieste si in prezent, prin autor... s.a.m.d.
"Album de familie,releveaza ca avem in fata nu numai un mare artist ci un om de valoare intrinseca.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

"family album" - roots of the genealogical tree of his family, without by which the author's successors and followers would be the living dead if not squirt the tree, that them nourishes with sap the undying life:
- The image of the Virgin and Child into a place of honor - intimate relationship, personal with divinity , priority and vital , inherited through education from an family with moral principles and rules, health;
- Picture very old, well preserved - alive memory for
being dear from family, who gave wonderful statue, and which
he or she survives through author and now ... s.a.m.d.
"Family album" reveals that we face not only with a great artist
but and with a man of intrinsic value.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

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