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Directed by Roger Ballen & NINJA
Director of Photography Melle Van Essen
Edited by Jannie Hondekom @ Left
Post Production by Blade
We luf u Fraser


Dora Bratelj
AhCarlo, what to say...
now I have to look at least two cartoons like "WALL * E" or "Up" so I will not have horror dreams ... :)))
I have not been terrible nor snakes or from rats or mice in this video, I'm not afraid of any animals ..
. creepy in this video are the

carlo grassini
this is a very powerful video as are the paintings of francis bacon, the horrors of war by goya the paintings of lucian freud and list goes on & I also like that you left your comment Dora.

Teodora Stoica
A great film that resembles panic and terror, on human representations of a dubious taste, refined with sordid humor ... well, an obscure theme, from which not discern the reasoning, except fact that the characters' actions and behavior exists in reality among some people unbalanced or with psychic disabilities .
Thank you, Carlo Grassina for the three visionaries.

carlo grassini
Hello Teodora, Is it possible to measure the distance between balance and "unbalanced"? Let's first decide where the human conscious resides. Grassin" i "

Teodora Stoica
Phew,. Carlo Grasini, your question is really justified, as long as I've ventured into film themes incorrect interpretations, attributing undue epithets, those people of all ages and from all walks of life, that to overcome
their own dramas, but also and of those around them, they appeal to in all the power their minds and in generosity their souls , try, to give the most beautiful lesson in survival.
Sincerely, Teodora

Teodora Stoica
Thank you and for "Gwen Stefani - Cool". It's fantastique.

Teodora Stoica
an adverse clip, exelent with positive resonance, concerning on the assembly clip artistic from musical point of view and coregrafc.

carlo grassini
to Teodora: your "About" o femeie obișnuită?

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