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Pablo Picasso - Girl in a Chemise

Oil on canvas
72.7 x 60 cm

Henry Mulcahy
Such a beautiful painting

Nancy LeBrun
How can you not love this?

Rose Norwood
There is a real sensuality to this painting

Eric Munguia
Love the way he has worked on the background

pedro np

Eric Buechel
This painting has everything a masterpiece must have. Beauty.

Terry Kelly
It is a beautiful painting but it is a painting I have seen time and again like so many others old and new as if no other art or artists exist. Isn’t it time we looked and commented on lesser known artists, sculptures and painters, dead or living? The greats like Picasso have certainly had their share of the limelight in their own life time and even now. Yes, we can still admire and learn from them but what I want to see is a new face that’s got real talent and is a real artist with skill to draw, paint or sculpt a work we can all understand without the need for a tedious essay hung alongside to describe the indescribable, and dare I say, call it beautiful, like this Picasso.

pedro np
i agree , art is not part of an elite... and better than talking is giving the example.. ur welcome to check out others works, do u do it?

Penelope Pope
Oh, I love this one.

Tracy Sanchez
So peaceful, and such a contrast to many of his other works.

Anna Little
there is just a suggestion of what is under the soft sensual material... wonderful.

Sherry Solow
His "Blue Period" to my taste, touched my senses deeply.

Stupariu Octavian Theodor
she's verry beautifull

Rebecca Manship
Beautiful calm picture

Sherry Solow
We Should celebrate lesser known artists ......therefore..please see MY work at

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