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"Stabat femina dolorosa" .. computer graphic -MOSAIC 60 x 150cm, made 2012. of graphics drawings, paintings and photographs printed on canvas, by Dora Bratelji

I dedicated my work to all women who suffer stoic from life troubles all girls, women, mothers, old woman who patiently and stoically endure life's troubles...women who lost their husbands and sons in any war or terrorist crimes... women who take care of the sick and elderly family members... all women who want to work but are unemployed...unmarried women who are often despised by the environment,
to single mothers ..women who have been for centuries and are still, victims of violence of any kind:
domestic violence, sexual violence. religious violence and phantasms ...women who always have to be "beautiful" ...women who are called "bitches" when they are educated and ambitious, women who are called "stupid and primitive" if they decided to be "just a mother "
So, I dedicated my work to WOMEN !
Work inspired by the poem "Stabat Mater Dolorosa"
created in the 13th century by Jacopone da Todi .

Computer graphic -MOSAIC 60 x 150cm,
made up of hundreds of original of graphics, drawings, paintings and photographs by Dora Bratelj,printed on canvas, canvas is taped to plywood,
computer graphic-mosaic is made 2012.

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