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Pierre H. Subleyras - The Pack Saddle

Alyn Federico
couriouser ..and more couriouser. I have no idea what they're doing..but they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Terry Kelly
Bluntly speaking, it is about cheating on your partner. In The Pack Saddle, the lady’s husband, an artist, paints an image of an ass (donkey) over her vagina to insure her chastity. When her husband is away, his friend, an artist as well, seduces the woman and erases the image. Before they had sex however, the cunning artist copies the ass on paper then afterwards repaints the image, but adds a "pack saddle”. Of course, when the lady’s husband returns and makes love to his wife he uncovers the change in the image and realized that his wife has been riding another man in his absence.

Rodica Miller
ha ha ha ha... even if the subject is so comedic, the painting is well done.

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