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woman with a stupid smile crossed intelligently by painted in gray and white, also some black paint,

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zambet de supravietuire
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
zambetul femeii este arma pacifista de razvratire a omului impotriva societatii conventionale, invidioasa pe calitatea celui care se depaseste pe sine si incercarea acestuia de supravietuire in jungla sociala, ospătînd-o cu bucatele preferate; prostia, ipocrizia....
Liniile și curbele grațioase ale femeii și expresia ei, luminoas oglindita de autor, psihanalist fin și artist de excepție sunt revelatorii prin incarcatura emotionala a mesajului pictural.

smile of survival.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
The smile the woman is pacifist weapon by rebellion
of the man against conventional society, jealous on quality
of which is surpasses himself and his quest by survival in social jungle, the feasting it with favorite dishes, stupidity, hypocrisy...
Lines and graceful curves of the woman and expression her bright, mirrored by author, a fine psychoanalyst and exceptional artist are revealing through emotionally charged of the pictorial message.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
Smiling is the hottest and successful element of stunning
opera with that the author breaks social furuncle, so well evoked by it through beautiful teeth, well groomed of woman careless, accented by white spots of color, scratched and other unique forms, specific the artist in exposing its themes, complex and bold. It's a fantastical opera, hallucinatory, for me.

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