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Vincent Van Gogh: the Poets Garden

oil on canvas
73 × 92.1 cm (28.7 × 36.3 in)

Barry Harrison
cant believe i havent seen this before - love VG's colours

Ann McIntyre
Agreed - not a piece that get's much play but it is exquisite.

Teodora Stoica
month the nonconformist love.
Teodora Stoica -Ti:

iabutt butt
never saw this before ,needs validation may be ,not original perhaps !

Teodora Stoica
Vincent Van Goghe in "the Poets Garden" prin paleta sa de culoare, lumina si aroma, a creat decorul si atmosfera propice
sentimentelor, trăirilor si emotiile rebele care stapanesc firea umana, din totdeauna, fara a le putea controla, intrucat ele, la un loc, danseaza in ritmul sunetelor si tonalitatilor muzicii dirijata de artist, in frumoasa lucrare, specifica realitatii sezonului in cauza si in care Van Goghe cu generozitatea lui de mare si sensibil artist, ne face zeii iubirii pentru un timp.
Nimic nu se compara cu perceptia sonora si poetica a marii picturii peisagiste, in care o fiinta omeneasca se uita pe sine si devine pentru o clipita singurul demiurg al lumii, care gusta iubirea, fara inhibitii si...motiv, care m-a determinat sa rebotez lucrarea, 'luna iubirii non conformiste", adica sezonul iubirilor rebele.
Teodora Stoica -Ti:

Vincent Van Gogh in "The Poets Garden" through his palette
of color, light and aroma created the decor and atmosphere conducive of the feelings, experiences and emotions rebel, who rule human nature from always, without being able to control them , since they together dancing in rhythm and tone sounds of the music, directed by artist in his beautiful opera, specific the reality in due season, but who without Van Gogh's enchanting emphasis that with his generosity by the great and sensitive artist, turns us into Gods the love for a time.
Nothing compares with the sonorous perception and and poetic of the amazing landscape painting, in which a human being, forget by himself and becomes for a moment the single demiurge of the world who enjoy love without inhibitions and ... reason, who prompted me to rebaptize this work, 'month of love non conformist", ie the season of love rebel.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
Your name, audible and pretentious supposedly "Abstract expressionism" is narrow and poor artistic that your Lordship repeat it with much pride at all works posted on the site in question and disturbing the users, without adding nothing concrete at the exposure will.
If you are or not, artist, let lot to be desired your comments insipid.
Advice, an admirer of authentic art: work you more and let the public and posterity to categorize! Bafta, without complaints and victimization!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Es hermoso poder escribir una poesia al observar esta belleza de paisaje!
Soy incapaz. Me quedo muda.
Es casi monocromo y asimismo logro volumenes y espacio.
Los verdes son dificiles...

Teodora Stoica
Simply: I love Van Gogh.

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