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Sophie Gray by John Everett Millais

This hypnotic veiled portrait of melancholy portrays the younger sister of his wife Effie Gray, 14 years old at the time. It's an unusual portrait than academics: Millais did not exploit to his advantage and position light to show us a noble maiden, but portrays a bourgeois girl with disconcerting expression, vulnerable and provocative collection. The fleshy mouth is clenched in a gesture of defiance, her Chin tilted upward with determination. His dark hair blend with the background bordeaux, without allowing grasping the place in which it is located. Pale skin is in stark contrast to the reddened cheek; the coat of arms embroidered heart on the chest suggests the awakening of female sexuality and desire. The painting was created in the fall of 1857, when Effie was living with her parents and sisters in the House in Perth

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