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Strix, 2009 by Jeanne Bouchart

Strix, 2009 by Jeanne Bouchart

© Jeanne Bouchart

Femeia cu un "ochi la slanina si altul la faina", adica femeia care cară trecutul și tot ea, construieste viitorul, caci fara existenta ei,
lumea ar fi infirma de frumusete.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Sculptura "Strix", in bronz, abstract expresionista de Jeanne Bouchart, socheaza prin reprezantarea ei, contrastanta intre
intregimea sa si elementele componente, diferentiate la poli opusi, prin dinamismul uluitor al fizionomiei femeii, fiecare trasatura, emitand receptorului, perceptii diferite, realizate
stilistic si subtil de artista, prin lumina stralucitoare care se
degaja din: buzele proaspate, pecetluite de gura senzuala, plina de candoare feciorelnica; nasul grecesc, aidoma zeitelor din mitologia greaca, frumusetea tenului tanar, speranta si credinta din palpairea scanteii din ochiul drept; personalitatea puternica a barbiei voluntare ...precum si voalul de umbra data de pleoapa stanga, dar si de celalat ochi care oglindeste doua stari in acelasi timp; semnele urate, plasate pe chip, etc pentru reliefarea suferintei spirituale si fizice ale fetei, care incearca cu demnitate sa nu faca caz de monstrul idividual si social, care o ataca pe dinauntru si pe dinafara, fara menajamente.
Structura osaturii si cavernele cuibarite in trupul femeii,
accentueaza lupta ei, milenara si continuarea acesteia, relectata de trasaturile ei, rafinate si delicate, enumerate mai sus.
In concluzie, aceasta mare opera desavarsita este epopeea simbolistica, feminina de la nasterea ei si pana la apocalipsa.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Woman with an "eye at the bacon and other at flour", ie woman who carries the past and all it builds the future, because without existence, unaffected by the beauty world.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Sculpture "Strix" bronze, abstract expressionist Jeanne Bouchart, shocking her by the representation, the contrast between
entirety and components, differentiated from opposite poles, the dynamism of physiognomy amazing women, each feature, emitting receiver different perceptions made style and subtle artist by bright light that emanated from: lips freshly sealed mouth sensual, full of virginal innocence, Greek nose, like goddesses from Greek mythology, young skin beauty, hope and faith in the flickering spark in the right eye, chin strong personality and veil voluntary ... shadow on left eyelid, and the other eye that mirrors the two states at the same time, signs out, placed on the face, etc. to highlight the spiritual and physical suffering of the girl who tried with dignity if not to make monster idividual and social that an attack inside and out, no holds barred.
Structure of bones and caves nestled in the woman's body,
emphasizes her struggle, millennial and continue, relective of its features, refined and delicate, above.
In conclusion, this great work is exquisite epic symbolism, female from her birth until the apocalypse.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
thanks to all for appreciation this work.

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