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'old age' tormented.
"Tiempo" este o operă mare, fascinanta si plină de dinamism.
Trunchiul de copac, personalizat de intemperiile vremii, de-a lungul timpului parcurs de "figura statuara", capturată de artistul, Vendel Veilandics Read, care cu acuratete si talent profesional, dezvaluie portretul social al individului care nu evita placerile vietii, și a caror consecinte sunt plătite cu "vârf și îndesat".
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

"Tiempo" is a great work, fascinating and full of dynamism.
The trunk of the tree, personalized by weathertight of the weather along time "traveled" by "statuary figure" captured by artist, Vendel Read Veilandics who with accurately and
professional talent, unveils portrait social of the individual who
does not avoid pleasures of life, and whose consequences are paid with "peak and stocky".
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

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