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Pablo Picasso, Two Girls Reading, 1934, Oil on Canvas, University of Michigan Museum of Art

What stood out to me from the other four artworks by Pablo Picasso, was the color scheme and it was interesting how the two person subjects connect and blend into each other. I like books, so seeing the two female figures reading a book also caught my attention. The subject matter after analyzing the artwork are two-female figures looking down as if they are reading a book. A book is placed upon a desk or table in front of the two figures. There is no perspective on a background setting. The backdrop is just a mustard yellow background. The two-figures are painted in a way that they are connected to each other, also the colors the artist has used are complementary colors. The feelings conveyed when observing this artwork are warmth and feeling of youthfulness. When I first saw this painting, I immediately smiled because it reminded me of my youth days where my mother would take me to the library to read books.The thoughts conveyed through this artwork is one of a special bond forming between the two figures sharing literature with each other. I do believe this is a memorable art-piece because it has an educational theme. It can be used to express creativity of art just by observing it, it can send the message of advocating reading, and it can also convey the relationship between mother and daughter bonding over an everyday activity.

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