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pintura de Mário Botas (Portugal, 1952-1983)

self portrait allegorical!
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
Mário Botas, om de stiinta si o artista ireductabila in prezentul autoportret, autoarea macinata de o boala nemiloasa este foarte dura cu ea insasi prin incercarea de a-si minimaliza trasaturile distinse, elegante, recurgand la masculinizarea usoara a lor prin conturarea de expresivitate dura a chipului ei, feminin si rafinat de savant, care a incearcat sa se palmuiasca pentru nedescoperirea la timp a antidotului bolii sale, incurabila.
Motiv, pentru care Mario Bostas, realista si o vizionara, alatura autoportretului o bufnita, simbolul intelepciunii si prorocirii.
Intre cele doua fiinte, are loc o "transfuzie" de trasaturi de la pasare la artista, o idee geniala si inedita in premiera picturala.
"pintura de Mário Botas (Portugal, 1952-1983)" este cea mai fascinata si frumoasa opera portretistica, alegorica, intalnita pana acum.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Mário Botas, the scientist and an artist irreducible, in this self portrait, the grinded author of a cruel disease is very harsh with herself by trying to minimize his distinguished features, stylish, appealing to their slight masculinization through a outlining expressive harsh of his image, feminine and refined of the scholar who tried to is slapping for undetected at time of antidote her illness, incurable.
  Reason for which Mario Bostas, realistically and visionary joins self-portrait an owl, the symbol the wisdom and prophecy.
Between the two beings, is made a "transfusion" of traits from the bird at artist, a brilliant and unique idea in premiere pictorial.
"Pintura Botas Mário (Portugal, 1952-1983)" is the most fascinating and beautiful work of allegorical portraiture, seen before.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

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