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WHO IS - Carlo Grassini

one part of triptych painting
subconstientul provoaca la duel, constiinta.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
o situatie alarmanta pentru constient, cand vede tragedia vietii sale. Aproape inecat in mocirla de sange, la bing bang-ul subconstientului, dar si a viziunilor sale cu fiintele care l-au atras in iadul in care se afla, el lupta cu ele, in pofida lor, care nu vor sa cedeze la meschinaria lor, care sub masca puterii afisate, in jocul lor, perfid, au antrenat si persoanele dragi, proprietarului constiintei.
Constiinta si inconstientul in fata pericolului iminent, renunta la duel si unite, cu ultima lor, arma; morala ramasa, reusesc sa vada
salvarea lor, in petele albastre ale cerului, aruncate de zei, pentru cainta lor sincera.
Carlo Grassin, pictand opera sa "WHO IS", nu se margineste la o pictura sumara, el o dezvolta pe parcursul muncii sale, depunand in afara temei propriu zise, toata cultura si talentul sau, ca in finalul
operei sale, abstracte sa-i dea valoarea sa, simbolistica complexa, specifica individului necunoscut din societate, dar comun cu insasi societatea care l-a creat si l-a manipulat.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

subconscious mind causing at the duel the consciousness.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
an alarming situation for conscious, it sees the tragedy of his life. Almost drowned in the muck of blood at the bing bang the subconscious, and his visions of beings who have attracted the hell is he fighting with them, despite their which will not give in to their pettiness that under the guise of power displayed in their game, treacherous, trained and loved, owner consciousness.
Consciousness and the unconscious in the face of danger imminent duel quit and joined with their latest, gun, morals left, could see
their rescue, in stain blue sky, thrown by the gods for their sincere repentance.
Carlo Grassina, painting his work "WHO IS", not confined to a brief painting, he develops throughout his work, laying out the actual reason, all culture and talent, that in the end
his work abstract to give value, complex symbolism, specific unknown individual in society, but shared with the company itself created and manipulated.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

carlo grassini
I love the fluidity of your gut felt commentary, Just wonderfully put to poetry! I very much appreciate the caring eye & mind you possess.

Teodora Stoica
Carlo Grassini, eu nu am intrat in detaliile tehnice si stilistice
ale compozitiei tale, artistice pe al carui fundal viu, coloristic,
lași lumina să creeze umbre misterioase in jocul elementelor geometrice si al figurilor strucurate de tine prin linii suple, aproape invizibile, personalizandu-le cu alte culori,
juxtapunand-le si imbricând-le, ca pe un puzzle, a carei tema este mai degraba mistica.
Revazand din nou aceasta lucrare, unicitatea si ineditul ei, constau in religiozitatea unei lumii, aproape irespirabila pentru mine, nedotata cu termenii specifici, Scolii de Arte Frumoase.
Multumesc din nou, pentru oportunitatea bucuriei de a savura acesta mare opera a ta, nonfigurativa.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
Carlo Grassina, I did not going into technical details and stylistical
of your composition,artistical on whose background, living-color let light to create mysterious shadows, geometric elements and figures in the game you structured flexible lines, almost invisible, personalizing them with other colors and juxtaposing them and nested, like a puzzle whose theme is rather mystical.
Again reviewing this work, its uniqueness and its novelty consist in
religiosity of a world, almost unbreathable for me, who not possess with specific terms the School of Fine Arts.
Thank you again for the opportunity joy to savor this great work of yours, nonfigurative.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
I thank you, Tatiana Domazetovich.

carlo grassini
I am so happy to you enjoy & get pleasure from my work while expressing such deep felt response. This site has certainly extended the social context for art appreciation. Your commentaries are very encouraging & welcome.

Teodora Stoica
Carlo Grassini, I thank you a lot, again!

Teodora Stoica
Freeartroom, many thanks!

Gautam Paul
I don't know spanish but the art works space divide is interesting ...........Thanks.

carlo grassini
Your are welcome Gautam, and thank you for leaving a comment on this page. I am not Spanish, I am American/Italian & I don't speak Italian very well either. Here is the wonderful thing about ARTworks! > They are the Universal Language given to humanity. Artists have no trouble communicating with ARTworks & humans, with a serious interest in the ARTs, have no trouble enjoying great ART!

Gautam Paul

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