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Jeff Koons - Rabbit


Heather Black
looks like a silver bunny shaped balloon

Saatchi Deitch Gogosian
Own it, yawn.

Teodora Stoica
Imaging, computerized of bunny.
Teodora Stoica -Ti:

Sherif Elglad


Teodora Stoica
you're right, RAJESH BAJAJ.

Frank Briffa
superficial tat?

Pinto Bean
Opera? So this was a decoration for an opera?

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Creo que los animales se llevan mejor que los hombres.
Aqui, en España, abundan los conejos y los gatos sueltos.
Antes habia un animalito que se llamaba gineta, pero no se sabe que sucedio.
La gineta se alimentaba de ratones.
En los pueblos hay gatos de todo tipo, sobre todo de angora. Son gatos comunitarios a los cuales los vecinos les dan de comer a eso de las 3 de la tarde. Los tienen porque hay ratones.

Teodora Stoica
"Rabbit," one of most popular, and awaited, and great modern sculptures, representing promoter a better future, through her appearance, visionary, highlighted by Jeff Koons in mystical symbology of the Bunny from previous week the Easter, when He is a reason by joy for all ages.
Finally, for me, "Rabbit" is the most beautiful and prestigious opera of the great artist, famouse.
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

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