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That Day May Have Arrived.............

dar, asa zisa interactiune umana, in loc sa se produca firesc,
ca urmare a unei selectarii afective si morale, ea este un produs
mercantil al rezultatelor umane, care nu intotdeauna, ele reflecta
capacitatea reala a obtinerii lor, Carlo Grasini in opinia mea, umila.
Masina moderna, tehnologica a dat si inca dă, deocamdata frâu liber celor înstariți să procure diplome de titrati, a caror activitate
este furt legalizat de cultura si arta, fara sa aiba habar cu ce tacamuri se manaca. Spun toate acestea, deoarece majoritatea
multimii serveste masa spirituala, gata pregatita de informatica,
fara sa cunoasca valoarea muncii ei, atata vreme, cat el, meseanul nu aloca timp si spatiu pentru implicarea sa directa...
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
but the so called human interaction instead to occur naturally
as a result of selection emotional and moral values, it is a product
mercantile of human outcomes, which do not always, they reflect
their capacity to obtain real, Carlo Grasini in my opinion, humble.
Modern car technology has given and still gives free rein for now, the wealthy, titrated to buy diplomas whose activity
has legalized theft of culture and art, without having any idea what cutlery to eat. Say, however, because the majority of
serves mass crowds spiritual ready Informatics,
without knowing the value of her work, as long, as he meseanul not allocate time and space for its direct involvement ...
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
My commentary is attached at the great portrait photographed by artist, Carlo Grassini and yet I not changed my opinion. Point.

Teodora Stoica
in comentariul initial, eu am dat replica autorului, care a partajat citatul de
Albert Einnstein, cu care, eu nu am,fost de acord, intrucat viziunea omului de stiinta se referea, nu la stiinta propriu zisa, ci la marea la masa o omenirii, inapta sa inteleaga, necesitatea a ei, ca o forma vitala a progresului, precum si Carlo Grasini, ce afirma
acelasi lucru, dar aplicat la gandirea oamenilor de azi, in forma omagiata de el, dar neinteleasa si observata de vizualizatorul de rand, dar ambitios sa se cultive, din operele artistilor contemporani, 'par exemple', contemporanul nostru , Carlo Grasini, cunoscator al artei digitale si..
Teodora Stoica-Ti:
in initial comment, I gave replica author who the shared the quotation
Albert Einnstein, with which I am not, agree, because the vision of the scientist concerned, not the actual science, but the great mass to mankind, unfit to understand the necessity of it as a vital form of progress and Carlo Grasini that says
same but applied to thinking people today, in the form of homage to him, but misunderstood and observed the ordinary viewer, but ambitious to cultivate, the works of contemporary artists, 'par example' our contemporary, Carlo Grasini, connoisseur of digital art and ..
Teodora Stoica-Ti:

Teodora Stoica
who you are Rania Kahriman?

carlo grassini
To clarify the image above, I merely posted a picture and quote I found on the internet. I DID NOT & I am NOT the "photographer of the portrait" of Einstein. I am a painter.

Teodora Stoica
In your page, Carlo Grassini at this posting you make reference to Einstein's quote, but not to the picture, telling your opinion with which I agreed, in principle, without to point out that both you and other cultured people, represent the exception from the reflection the scientist, ie for yourselves, the computer is best instrument helpful, swift by labor under the given conditions.
However, I agree and with the scholar.
P.S. I know you're the painter and, still one, very good. I am an admirer of your work.
P'.S '. By the way, who is Rania Kahriman? I searched for it on Google, out of curiosity, but ..
All the best! Teodora

carlo grassini
I believe Albert has been proven wrong in his statement. "Human interaction" has only improved because of technology. Simply communicating as we do here is proof. Yet there will always be generations of "idiots"!, history & the present time is constantly proving that to be true.

Teodora Stoica
Yes, but it seems now their number is growing exponentially compared to the previous periods.

Drager Meurtant
the number of people is expanding. Unless the proportion of idiots has become reduced, we are phased by more idiots now.
With (technology!) modern media the urge to tell something, whatever the content, has also increased.

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