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1.) Simone Martini 2.)Blessing Christ 3.) 1344 4.)Tempera on wood

Artist: Simone Martini

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Simone Martini Crusification1.) Gian Lorenzo Bernini 2.) Apollo and Daphne 3.) 1622-1625 4.) Marble1.) Gian Lorenzo Bernini 2.) Damned Soul 3.) 1619 4.) Marble1.) Simone Martini 2.) Blessed Agostino Novello Alterpiece 3.) 1324 4.) Tempera on wood1.) Leonardo Da Vinci 2.)Annunciazione 3.)1472 4.)Oil and tempera on panel1.)Loenardo Da Vinci 2.)The Dreyfus Madonna 3.)1469 4.)Hand made oil painting on canvas1.)Simone Martini 2.)Christ Returning to his Parents 3.)1344 4.) Tempera on wood1.) Albrecht Dürer 2.) St Jerome in the Wilderness 3.)1495 4.) Oil on pearwood

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