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Julia Schmidt - Untitled (Concealer)

Silk fabric, oil paint
17.3 x 12.6" / 44 x 32cm
©Julia Schmidt
Courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Frédéric Duranseau
i like the muted palette he uses.

Ross Winter
Influence of Clifford Still

carlo grassini
hello Frédéric, I believe the artist is female. & hello ross, I don't relate to clifford still when I look at this painting, the relation I see is more attuned to Kenzo Okada

Ross Winter
Interesting comment, Carlo. Thanks for introducing me to Okada, I did not know of him. I like your example very much. However, I intensely dislike Still, so that impacts my view of the above.

carlo grassini
Hi Ross, I never could warm up to Still either. I saw the enormous show of his work at the Met in NY years ago. You would think after seeing so many of his enormous paintings one would find something to like. Well I was at a loss. I keep thinking, even today, he just made BIG and BAD paintings one after another. It is very remarkable that he achieved such popularity among the cognoscenti. LOL

Ross Winter
LOL indeed! We are in complete agreement.



María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Arte abstracto con algo de objeto.
Obra de transicion?

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