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Roy Lichtenstein: Artists Studio

Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas
244.3 x 325.5 cm

Heather Black
i like this it makes you think and wonder whats going on in the picture, what is it of?

love 2travel
It's called the Artis studio...Against the wall is the painting called the Dancers by Henri Matisse, one is at MOMA and the other one is at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg Russia. On the table are the paint brushes and the paint, an arranged plate of lemons and a coffee cup and a bottle of Chianti, one lemon was left off the plate. There is some wadded paper on the table, maybe used to move the paint around, or create a texture, after it's been applied to a painting. There's a picture frame on the wall and music is playing through the open window to another room.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La danza de la vida o de la murte?

William Humbel
Very nice!

Lucio Borrazzo
Grandioso, Pop Art. Uno dei dieci artisti famosi al mondo insieme a Warhol, Bacon ed Haring.

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