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Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night in Rhone

oil on canvas
72.5 × 92 cm

Tina Richardson
My favourite painting ever!

Bob Bello
Just great!

Berthold Stephan Maichel

Mifflin Ann
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you...Vincent... But your memory lives on for as long as life exists.

Tracy Sanchez
Love it!

Lisa Blaiklock
Beautiful Blues ,and i love the reflection of the lights on the water

Coraline Gros
like my mood today, love it!

Denise Bentes
Peace and harmony...

Patrick Yay
the brilliant gene made him suffer. we have normal mind but not geneous like him, so ordinary and we are nothing compare with Vincent. His madness pushed him to the highest point in art. True artist.

ari ella
that's how real greatness looks like. it evokes your senses deeply inside

Patrick Yay
Ari, so the question left in my mind is will I be geneous and mad or will I be normal and ordinary? I want to be normal and geneous. How would I do that Ari???????? I am not satisfied with my works yet. Shall I go mad to be geneous?????

Cyra Anklesaria
Love his work - has a life a vibrancy of its own

Isaura Dias
É uma pintura que parece que nos fala! ... adoro!

Ishrat Jahan Tithy
owsome......tells a lot...

Rashida Kalangi
Takes you right there, inside it. At a loss for words to describe this.

Erminio Di Camillo

Sokv Riz Khan khan
This is awesome piece of work.

Jana Catudan

mrs cheema
nicest art work around

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Hice varios comentarios, pero no los veo.
Bellisima pintura. Sus luces estan realizadas con pequeñas rayitas llamadas vírgulas.
Posee mucho espacio.
Lo pintado recuerda la premisa de cómo se debe pintar una ciudad cuando esta lejos, de Leonardo da Vinci.

Abstract Expressionism
very nice piece

Ekaterina Cheernova
One of my favorite artists!

efrat attias
Love this painting! Never seen this before and it's a shame! but I'm happy to know it now. Very intense and relaxing at the same time... i like the lights and the reflection...

Robison & Robison Services
Beautiful creation!!! I like it.

Royal Marble Inc.
Great use of color!

Keith Fisher
incredible deep! I could watch and watch :)

Susmitha Manoj
God !! The bold colours!! Love this painting !!

Lucio Borrazzo
Amazing. Very beautiful colors.

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