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Damien Hirst - For The Love Of God


Margaret Flowers
Awesome album and awesome collection of works. I love Hirst's work. he really knows how to stick it to the man!

Saatchi Deitch Gogosian
Ah Hirst, a good fella. Could bring more wine and diamonds to the dinner parties, though. Love his glasses, I mean that's style.

Lawrence Valenza
Um, he IS the man. Saying it's ironic doesn't make it ok. He is merely another London shock boy built by the Saatchis.

Barbara Cruz
one of my favs

Monika Heckenbach
Nice art, very artistic....An art made by true artist!!!

morten fangok olesen
Grossly overrated. A true Saatchi product ? Anyway, I quite like him.

Frank Briffa
How original is it?

Gary Saunders
Morten, I do agree...overrated. I cannot find anything that is cutting edge in that piece.

Frank Briffa
There is piece by John Lekay made in 1993 that is remarkably similar to Hirst's "For the Love of God" that dates from 2007. There is also a pickled shark by Eddie Saunders from 1989 - Hirst's shark (very similar) was made in 1991.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La muerte como fiesta de brillantes con brillos.
Muchos pueblos festejan la muerte. Pertenece a una ceremonia muy antigua.

Patrick Yay
Frank Briffa, What is original?????

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