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Katy Grannan - Anonymous, Los Angeles, Boulevard 11 [Out Of Focus: Photography]

2009/ printed 2011
Archival pigment print on cotton rag paper, mounted on Plexiglas
139.7 x 104.1 cm

Tish Buttrey
Love this !

Natasha Hedge
She looks so sweet !...really nice pic

Sonia Bartlett
Like the colours in this

Melody Geis
Her face is amazing!

Tamara Lynch

Daniel Vasquez

Joyce Dade
I wish I could wear magenta the way that she can. I love her!

Around Art
So interesting. I wonder if she was happy with the portrait.

Ian Kydd'Miller
Extraordinary !!

Sue Bowler
I find this image quite disturbing. The dignified old lady is all glammed up with bright red lipstick and a beauty spot, possibly painted on? Or is it a melanoma? Her skin tells the story of years of tanning, supposedly to make herself appear more attractive in her younger days; but the extreme sun damage has left her with deep wrinkles and severe blotching and the potential for skin cancer, which is anything but glamorous. Still she holds on to the ingrained notion that as a woman it is important to put on a face before going out. It saddens me that women, even old women, feel they have to conform to a society that judges women on something so shallow as their looks. And where does that leave them?

warick hearn
I'd love to do a painting of her!

alasdair macdonald
one of the cast from zombie land

divya rajput
beautiful in different way...

Jenny Stoddard
not the most appealing of choices but you really captured the ageing old woman. Glazed over eyes, her skin deteriorating from her body . well done.. death is creepy and you were able to show that threw this painting. :)

alexandre gama vieira
From a nightmare zombie !......

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Ya me dan el asiento en los colectivos...lloro????, no, para nada. Sólo por dentro y con alergia. Tienen razón los orientales que dicen que el asma y la alergia son psíquicos. Si no me entristezco, no me sale mucosidad de la nariz y no tengo alergia.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
La vejez avanza más rápido de lo que se desea, y comprendemos que lo bueno es tener salud.

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Me encanta esta fotografía.

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