Getting Started

Profile and Account Settings

How do I become a Pictify member?
To become a member of Pictify you need to register for your free account which will enable you to use Pictify to upload as many of your favourite works of art as you like from any medium. Click here to register.
Can I sign up using Facebook?
You can also link your Facebook account to Pictify by registering with your Facebook account instead of filling in the registration form.
How do I change my account settings?
You can change your account settings at any time. Sign in to Pictify, click Edit profile and you will be able to amend your bio, username, email address and profile picture.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, sign in to Pictify, click Edit profile, then click Delete Account. This will delete all your albums.

Creating albums and uploading images

How do I create new albums?
In order to make it easy to organise the artworks you upload, we will prompt you when you register with some options of album categories you might like (for example, My Favourite Paintings, My Favourite Photographs). To get started you will need to choose at least 3 albums when you register. You can then create as many new albums as you like with your own category names. To create a new album, click on Add an Album on the Pictify toolbar. Type in an album title, choose a category, and then click Create to save your new album.
How do I upload images and videos on Pictify?
1. To upload an image from your computer all you need to do is click on 'Upload Image', select an image by browsing the images on your computer and upload it to your profile, making sure you give a full caption for the work – ie who made it, when it was made and what it's called (and as many other details about it as you can find – it helps to make your captions as detailed as possible so if it's in a gallery or museum let us know).

2. If the artwork you like is on another website click on 'Add URL' and enter the URL address of the website or link to the page where the work is. All the images on that page will appear and you can select the one you want to upload.

3. To upload a video click on Upload and input the embed code or the video URL. The whole video, including a thumbnail image, will be copied to your Pictify profile.

4. If you know what you like but you don't know where to find it you can search for the name of the artwork or artist whose work you're looking for and select from the list of images Google finds for you.

Using the Pictify button

What is the Pictify button?
We have created a Pictify button which you can install on Safari. By using the Pictify button as you browse the web you can 'Pictify ' any work of art you love and the image will appear on Pictify with all the correct information about that image.

If you see a Pictify button on a website, you can click on it to post an image from that site to your Pictify profile.
How do I install the Pictify button?
To install the Pictify button on your browser toolbar all you need to do is:

Display your Bookmarks by clicking View > Show Bookmarks Bar.
Drag the Pictify button to your Bookmarks bar.
When you are browsing the web, click on the Pictify button to select an image.

Sharing and following

How do I Like, Share and Comment on Pictify?
When you upload an artwork on your Pictify profile it will be shared with everyone following you. They can then 'Like', 'Share' or 'Comment' on your work. Every time someone 'Likes', 'Shares' or 'Comments' on an artwork you have uploaded you will receive an email. If you don't wish to be notified in this way, you can choose not to by going to 'My Settings' at any time.

When someone clicks on the 'Like' button on one of the images you have uploaded, it will display a note on his/her profile page saying that he/she 'Likes' the artwork you have shared. This will also be seen by his/her followers. You will get a notification every time someone 'Likes' the artworks you have uploaded.

When you 'Like' the artworks uploaded by someone else, your followers will be made aware that you 'Like' a particular artwork and a notification will be sent to them.

If you 'Share' an artwork uploaded by someone else it will be posted to your profile. The person who uploaded the work will receive a notification that you have 'Shared' that artwork.

You can 'Comment' on any artwork that has been uploaded. When someone 'Comments' on an artwork you have uploaded a notification will appear on their profile which will be seen by their followers who will then be able to follow you, 'Share' the work or 'Like' it.
What is following on Pictify?
Under each artwork you will see the name of the Pictify member who has uploaded it. Clicking on the name (or image) will take you to the profile page of the Pictify member. On each member's profile page you will see a 'Start Following' button which you can click on to start following someone. When you click on this button the Pictify member in question will receive an email and will be invited to follow you in return. Following others is a great way to get them to follow you back. You can stop following someone by clicking on the same button.
How do I know if someone I'm following has uploaded a new artwork?
When you upload an artwork on your Pictify profile it will be shared with everyone following you. If you choose to follow another Pictify member you will be shown their newly uploaded artworks and albums. You can unfollow Pictify members at any time.
Sending messages to Pictify members
You can use the 'Send Message' button on Pictify members' profile pages to send a private message. Private messages will only be seen by you and the member to whom you have sent the message. Pictify provides you with your own integrated mailbox enabling you to send and receive direct messages.