What is Pictify?

Pictify is the global home for sharing your favourite artworks, seeing other people’s, adding your comments, and building your own collection of
favourite paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, or any other art medium.

Through Pictify you can share all art from the earliest cave drawings, the Renaissance, Old Masters and Impressionists to art works created today.

If you love art and want to share it with millions of other people all over the world Get Started now on Pictify.

Pictify for individual members

Your chances of owning a Van Gogh, Monet, Hockney or Hirst might be pretty slim but on Pictify you can. You can curate your own collections
of art, make albums of your favourite paintings, photographs, sculptures and so on, and you can share your albums with your Pictify friends and

Pictify for galleries and museums

As a gallery or museum you can feature your artists and the works in your collection on Pictify. You can show individual art works, preview an
upcoming exhibition, and organise works in albums by artist or medium. You can provide as much information as you like about your gallery or
museum enabling Pictify members to find out more about your artists and exhibitions