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William McGregor Paxton William McGregor Paxton BORN: June 22, 1869 in Baltimore, Maryland. DIED: 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. MOVEMENT: American Painter INTERESTING FACTS: Paxton won an art scholarship when he was 18 to the Colwes Art School. There he studied under Dennis Miller Bunker. Paxton was a student of Jean-Leon Gerome while in Paris. Paxton, Tarbell and Benson co-founded the Guild of Boston Arts. Paxton taught at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and he was a full member of the National Academy of Design.

Gabri Berti
very interesting album! clever of you!

Nanses Nanai
Very beautiful Annie.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Very beautiful collection!!warm greetings sendt!!

Georgina Marling
Fantastic album, what a great idea.

Annie Kate
Glad you're enjoying them Georgina. Thank you.

Janos Vaszary - Masked BallConrad Kiesel - Le Bal MasquéGiovanni Costa - Ready for the BallCharles Joshua Chaplin - After The BallJean Louis Forain -  La  Muse de FlotsCharles Hermans - L'Aube (detail)
Georges Lepape — 1929 for L'Initiation vénitienne by Henri de Régnier published by the Société des amis du livreCharles Hermans - Masked BallAnthony Christian (1945-present) - Halloween (New York - Bali 1981-1991)RAIMUNDO DE MADRAZO Y GARRETAHeinrich Lossow - After the Masked BallJean Leon Gerome  - Breathes Life into Sculpture

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31-05-2012 21:42
Anna Ancher (Danish painter, 1859-1935) Little Girls with a CodAnna Ancher (Danish painter, 1859-1935) Sunshine in the Blue Room 1891Corbineau Charles AugusteMaria Wiik - At the Church"Making A Train," by Seymour Joseph Guy, 1867Le Longyao -  "Hide and Seek"
Seymour Joseph Guy - Young Girl ReadingAlbert Edelfelt (1854-1905, Finnish) - Baby Playing in the NurseryWillem Bastiaan Tholen, De zusters Arntzenius, (1895)John George Brown - The Newsboy 1884John George Brown - The Card TrickKund Erik Edsberg - Barcos de Vela

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16-05-2012 12:15
Celestial Movement  2013The Red Sphinx - Odilon Redon, c. 1912The Complexity of Dreams # 7Insomnia # 8Color is a Language # 45Color is a Language # 44
Burnt ForestGino Severini 1883-1966Klee - Rose Garden 1920Klee - Carnival in the Mountains 1924Gino Severini - WaltzMarian Fanny Christian - Floral Symphony No.2

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30-05-2012 10:00
La Vie des Dames Galantes 21 - Erotic Drypoint by Paul-Emile Becat.La Vie des Dames Galantes 08  - Erotic Drypoint by Paul-Emile Becat.Engraving by Albin Brunovsky - 6Engraving by Albin Brunovsky - 5Engraving by Albin Brunovsky - 4Engraving by Albin Brunovsky - 3
Engraving by Albin BrunovskyRembrandt - The Monk in the Wheat FieldRembrandt - Man and Woman PissingREMBRANDT - Joseph and Potiphar's WifePosture 02 (Jupiter and Juno)Louisa and the Lodger's Son - Paul Avril

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03-05-2012 15:25
Still Life
Otto Scholderer - Stilleben mit Zitronen auf einer Glasschale, Fisch, Walnüssen, Weinglas und WeinkrugOtto Scholderer - Still Life with Young WomanOtto Scholderer - Still life with violas, cherries and shellsKonstantin Makovsky - FlowersKonstantin Makovsky - CupsCourbet - Still Life with Fruit
Vincenzo Campi - Still-LifeChristina’s Teapot - Andrew Wyeth, 1968Lucas Cranach the Elder, Four Dead Partridges, c. 1532Marguerite Stuber Pearson - Japanese LanternsAndrea Domenico Remps - A Cabinet of Curiosity, 1690s.Leonard Appelbee: The King Crab 1938

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26-05-2012 13:24

Alan Han
Rich and peaceful life.

by Claude Verlindeby Claude Verlindeby Claude VerlindeJames Abbott McNeill Whistler, The Gold Scab, 1862Pearl - Mikhail Vrubel, 1904Francis Picabia - Salome
Vladislavb ErkoMichael Parkes - Puppet MasterHans KantersAmano Yoshotaka - The ConcertEvgeny Kusnetsov - Haute CoutureEvgeny Kusnetsov - Step

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29-05-2012 11:22

Nanses Nanai
Superb!! Superb!!

Georgina Marling
And another brilliant album! Love all of your posts. They're really wonderful.

Annie Kate
Thank you Georgina!

Alan Han
Every artist in his studio to spend most of the time.

Gabri Berti

Nanses Nanai
Enthralling show of beauty and innovation!!

Nanses Nanai
Thankyou Annie for sharing

Ringling Brothers Clowns - 1976alfred eisenstaedt . tree in snowhigh school girls 1925David Caballero - AnxietyJan Saudek-  Tell Me Mirror (1978)Nude by Alexey Nikishin
Danxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of ChinaDanxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of ChinaDanxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of ChinaDanxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of ChinaDanxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of China.Danxia Landform at Nantaizi village of Nijiaying town, in Linzhe county of Zhangye, Gansu province of China

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26-04-2012 11:27

Annie Kate
Anthony Christian found his first mannequin (300 yrs old) in a shop in Paris in 1975 and immediately christened him Mr Frank as he had cost so many Francs! He took him back to London and created the first series of white mannequin paintings in June 1976. Anthony moved to Italy at the end of 1976 and the next year created a second mannequin series, this time in red. In the middle of 1977, on a visit to Paris, he found Mrs Frank (350 yrs old) in the same shop that he had found Mr Frank. At the end of 1977 Anthony moved to Paris and painted Mr and Mrs Frank together for the first time in June 1978. The painting was called Pieta. The Love and Marriage series followed in 1985 when he was living in New York and, due to huge demand, Anthony created a second white mannequin series in 1986/87.

Gustav Klimt - Wasserschlangen"Redhead in a Red Bed" by Anthony ChristianHenri Rousseau - Carnival EveningMarc Chagall- I and the VillageMarc Chagall: BirthdayMarc Chagall - Blue Lovers
Jerzy Hulewicz - Leda and the SwanKadar Bela - Constructive TownKadar Bela  - MusicKadar Bela - Mother and ChildKadar Bela  - Woman with GuitarWoman Drinking Absinthe - Pablo Picasso

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30-05-2012 11:00

Nanses Nanai
Great works!!

Sublime Beauty - A collaborative drawing by Fanny & Anthony ChristianLife study of a nude by William Mulready - Irish  1786  - 1863Academic Nude Study by William Mulready - Irish  1786  - 1863Nude Study by William Mulready - Irish  1786  - 1863Gustav Adolf MossaSamuel Palmer (1805–1881) - Oak Tree and Beech, Lullingstone
George Richmond, portrait of Samuel Palmer in pencil, pen, and chalk, 1829Henry Walter, Portrait of Samuel Palmer, 1849John Linnell, *Samuel Palmer in Old Age*, white, black, and red chalk on paperGreat Piece of Turf by Albrecht DurerNude with Chequered Slipper - Egon SchieleZinaida Serebriakova - Sleeping Nude Drawing

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26-04-2012 13:30

Nanses Nanai

Karoly Brocky (Hungarian artist, 1807-1855) Woman 1840sKaroly Brocky (Hungarian artist, 1807-1855) Woman 1835Marsh, Reginald. (1930). Dancing Before the Lights. PastelPierre Auguste Renoir (French painter, 1841-1919) The LogeSir George Clausen- Head of a Young Girl, 1890 (pastel)Adolph von Menzel (1815-1905) - Pastel - Head of a Man in Profile
Konstantin Makovsky - Nude Model 2Konstantin Makovsky - Nude ModelVenus and Cupid - François Boucher 1752Boucher - Young Woman SleepingEdgar Degas (1834-1917) The MirrorEdgar Degas (1834-1917)  Woman Combing her Hair

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17-05-2012 20:16

Onsi Almasry
Wonderful - thank you