Album: William McGregor Paxton

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Annie Kate
William McGregor Paxton William McGregor Paxton BORN: June 22, 1869 in Baltimore, Maryland. DIED: 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. MOVEMENT: American Painter INTERESTING FACTS: Paxton won an art scholarship when he was 18 to the Colwes Art School. There he studied under Dennis Miller Bunker. Paxton was a student of Jean-Leon Gerome while in Paris. Paxton, Tarbell and Benson co-founded the Guild of Boston Arts. Paxton taught at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and he was a full member of the National Academy of Design.

Jaime Herrera
I like it - skin so creamy.

carlo grassini
This is a woman is dangerous! Something very sinister here, more than meets the eye.